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Ready for Customer Growth and Retention?

Let's Do It. Let's Scale.

You’ve tried it all. Email marketing. Social media. Paid advertising. Extensive website investments. Sales training. Even lead generation firms. All these tactics have merit, but until you weave them into an airtight strategy, you'll keep floundering. It's time to discover the system to attract leads, turn them into customers, increase the value of your current clients, and turn all this into a powerful competitive advantage.

The Science
of Smar(t)keting

Sales & marketing organizations that are successful today are successful because they are hyper-focused on creating sales + marketing that works in a coordinated, repeatable, measurable way.

The Only Way to Deliver Smar(t)keting is with a Smart CRM

Your Growth Strategy Special Sauce

How you find, convert, and keep your customers is the most effective competitive advantage you can have. We'll show you how.

Feeling Burned by Marketing?

The average person sees 4k to 10k ads per day. Nearly 40% of people use ad-blocking software. Your unpaid social media posts are seen by less than 2% of your followers. Marketing agencies want you to throw more and more $$$$ at advertising and post more social media. Traditional marketing strategies like trade magazines and trade shows aren't performing. No wonder so many B2B sellers are feeling burned.

You Need a Method That Is


Reduce (or eliminate!) expensive advertising and get off the treadmill of unrelenting content creation. Our proven approach is cost-effective with lower customer acquisition costs. 


Stop wasting time on unqualified leads and inane social media posts! Target your most qualified customers while building trust and credibility in your expertise and brand.


Enough with vague assurances and vanity metrics. Our data-driven system enables you to track and measure the effectiveness of every strategy, decision, and effort.


No more disposable, forgettable marketing! Create high-quality, evergreen programs that continue to generate leads and traffic long after the initial effort is made.

Predictable, Repeatable Growth Process

Leading Technology

Drive growth with HubSpot's cutting-edge sales and marketing technology, including extensive AI, bot, and automation features. Werx.Marketing, a Platinum HubSpot partner, will optimize the system to your products and processes, and start delivering ROI almost immediately.

Transparency At Last

No more guessing, hemming, hawing, or vanity metrics. HubSpot's data-centric approach puts the answers you want on your dashboard, instantly improving management decision-making, cash-forecasting, and planning.

Efficiency Central

Transform your growth strategy with repeatable, testable, measurable sales and marketing strategies, from marketing and sales automations and playbooks to AI-driven insights. Werx.Marketing will help you leverage Smart CRM for growth and profitability.

3 Steps to go from Lead to Referring Customer

  • Segment & Attract

    Make sure every prospect receives a message that sounds like it was written just for them and their needs.

  • Contextualize & Sell

    Empower your sales team to explain in clear, simple terms why what you have to offer is useful to them. Systematically convert leads to customers.

  • Personalize & Retain

    Never let a client slip through the cracks. Consistently make each contact feel understood, valued and loved.

One Integrated System to Deliver All Three

Segment & Attract

Relevance is Everything

When your consumer doesn’t feel like your messaging has direct relevance to their life at that moment, they’ll tune out. This is why a Smart CRM is vital to modern marketing. If you don’t understand your customer, you can’t give them the content they need when they need it in a way that works for them.

Using HubSpot's CRM you can group and target specific groups of customers by wants, needs and readiness to buy.

Goodbye spam: Spam social media. Spam email. Spam phone calls.
HELLO relevance.

Contextualize & Sell

Timing Matters

Every buyer for every product must pass through the three key buying stages of Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

But depending on your product or service, those stages can vary. A thirsty person on a hot day will travel from Awareness to Decision about buying a cold drink faster than a Project Manager looking at new forecasting software for a global Saas business. One is made in minutes, the other could be months. Trying to close a customer too early or too late can cost you a sale.

HubSpot Smart CRM allows you to create different content based on a different sets of rules related to your customer journeys. Your emails, landing pages, posts, and CTAs can display differently depending on what is known about a prospect or contact. 

Goodbye crossed stars.
HELLO right time, right place.

Personalize & Retain

Way Beyond "Dear John"

Effective personalisation doesn’t just mean greeting somebody through email by name. That may have been disruptive fifteen years ago, but the modern consumer is both tech and data-savvy.

Modern personalisation means sending relevant messaging in a timely fashion using the right language, tone and subject matter. It allows you to differentiate between prospects and customers and, more importantly, put your current customers back at the center of your sales process.

HubSpot comes ready-packed with a host of data points you can collect for every prospect and customer. Ranging from name and address, to how many emails they’ve opened and what they are doing on your website, to whether they've been engaged since their last purchase, HubSpot can help you build a better understanding of prospects and customers.

Goodbye generic.
HELLO personal.

Don't Wait Another Minute

Let the professionals at WerxMarketing help you find more qualified leads, turn them into customers, then transform them into raving, referring fans.

Our HubSpot Certifications

HubSpot certifications are industry-recognized qualifications that showcase a deep understanding of HubSpot's multifaceted marketing, sales, customer service, and content-development tools. These certifications are crucial for maximizing an investment in HubSpot and leveraging its extensive capabilities. What sets us apart as the premier HubSpot resource is the unparalleled expertise of our team, who possess an intricate knowledge of the myriad HubSpot features and applications. We will show you how to harness the full potential of HubSpot. Let our deep HubSpot knowledge become your strategic and competitive advantage.

  • Client Management

  • CMS Hub for Marketers

  • CMS Hub Implementation

  • Content Marketing

  • Contextual Marketing

  • Data Integrations

  • Delivering Client Success

  • Delivering Sales Services

  • Developing a Sales Plan

  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing 2023

  • Email Marketing Optimization

  • Frictionless Sales
  • Growth-Driven Design

  • Guided Client Onboarding

  • HubSpot Marketing Software

  • HubSpot Sales Software

  • HubSpot Solutions Partner

  • HubSpot Reporting

  • Inbound

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing Optimization

  • Inbound Sales

  • Marketing Hub

  • Marketing Hub Implementation

  • Objectives-Based Onboarding

  • Platform Consulting

  • Revenue Operations
  • Sales Enablement

  • Sales Hub

  • Sales Hub Implementation

  • Sales Management
  • Selling Sales Services

  • SEO II

  • SEO

  • Service Hub Software

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing II

Werx.Marketing's Growth Enablement Process

Sales & Marketing
Strategy Analysis

Elevate What Works and Identify Gaps

We analyze your existing sales, marketing, and customer retention strategies to understand your strengths, identify weaknesses, and make sure you are on a productive track to growth and profitability.

Process Assessment

Modernize Your Sales and Marketing Process

Transform your sales and marketing organization into a modern powerhouse. Using process maps, automations, bots, AI, machine learning, and data, we can update your sales and marketing from a financial black hole to a lean, mean, revenue-building machine.

Growth Technology

Supercharge Your Sales & Marketing Tech

Revitalize your growth tech arsenal. We will onboard you into the HubSpot experience or optimize your existing HubSpot imlementation so you can take  full advantage of the competitive tools available to you. It's time to supercharge your technical capabilities and grow your business.

Sales Automation & Playbooks

Bake in Best Practices and Automate Success

Using our expertly-crafted sales and marketing automations and playbooks, you will reinforce training, ensure best practices, boost efficiency, save time, and experience growth as a predictable, controllable thing.

Strategic Marketing Automation

Targeted, Sustainable, Credible

Our strategic approach to content development and marketing automation will streamline your process,  attract qualified prospects, build your credibility, and put the right leads in front of sales time and again.

Growth Management Toolbox

Transparent Processes and Progress

We'll transform your growth management from a guessing-game to a data-informed, visual, transparent system that facilitates better decisions and mentoring. Finally, you can optimize and refine sales and marketing the way you manage the rest of your business.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

WerxMarketing makes it easy for your customers to do business with you. If you are new to CRM, sales or marketing automation, we will have you up and running with complete setup and training. If you already have HubSpot but haven't managed to maximize the value, we can help you achieve your goals. And if you're on a CRM that just isn't delivering the ROI or performing the way you hoped it would, we can migrate you to a HubSpot solution that will deliver.

HubSpot Hubs

  • Marketing Hub

  • Sales Hub

  • Service Hub

  • Operations Hub

  • CMS Hub

  • HubSpot CRM

Setup & Integrations

  • Business Needs Analysis

  • CRM Migrations

  • Training

  • API & Webhooks

  • ERP, MRP, POS, BI & Data Warehouse Expertise

  • Headless Commerce


  • List Hygiene & Strategy

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Email Design

  • Landing Pages

  • Websites


  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Pipelines & Enablement

  • Process Mapping

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Automate Business Processes

  • Service Automation

Already Have HubSpot?

If you already have a HubSpot subscription, but you:

  • Aren't experiencing the anticipated ROI
  • Aren't sure how to set it up for maximum impact
  • Need a bit more training and support

We're happy to help! We're not just HubSpot partners ... we're HubSpot users, and we want every business to experience the same transformation and growth that we've experienced when HubSpot is used to its full potential.