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If you're talking to everyone, you're not talking to anyone.
Start with targeting for the greatest social media impact.

Social Media Strategy

We Start With Targeting

Let's start here: Werx.Marketing does not offer standalone social media packages. Why? Because social media alone does not make a marketing strategy, and one size does not fit all in social media. We do offer social media services as part of a comprehensive inbound marketing or account based marketing (ABM) strategy.

WerxMarketing makes the time and effort to understand your products, your voice . . . your brand. We start with analysis of your current social media experience and message testing to see which types of messages will create the most engagement. Then we look for new followers and fans and engage your entire community with messages that sound and feel the way you want your brand to sound and feel.

Then We Create a Strategy

Social Media doesn’t require a strategy if you’re just using it for fun. But if you’re doing Social Media for business, you need an ROI. Social Media can provide significant visibility for your company, but you need to use strategy to get the benefits. What is Social Media Strategy? It includes knowing how (and where) to look for the most lucrative followers – the ones who want to talk about and buy what you have to sell. It includes following hash tags and keywords and jumping onto message trends that are relevant to your business. Social Media Strategy means thinking clearly and concisely about what messages you want to convey online and how you want your brand to be perceived online, and then going after the followers and fans that want to engage with your message, spread your message, and buy your products.

Sure, it's easy to log onto Facebook and Twitter, but once you get past the initial setup and friend-finding, most people aren't sure how to turn social media's potential into business growth.  But we are. Let WerxMarketing show you how to integrate social media - and which aspects of social media - into your marketing strategy. When do you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, or a host of other platforms? Which customers are spending time where? How do you get (and keep) their attention? How do you turn followers into buyers? These are all questions WerxMarketing knows how to answer. We'll help you build a social media program as part of an overall strategy that pays dividends in brand awareness, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and ultimately, sales.