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Our Proposal Process

It always starts with a conversation. We have a conversation to discuss your business objectives, the problems you are trying to solve, and how you like to present your brand. Then, we get to work.

  • Your Needs

    We brainstorm the marketing approaches most likely to result in meeting your needs.

  • Your Tools

    We consider the tools you already have in place: What POS or ERP are you using, what is your website platform, are you currently using a CRM . . . this  becomes the baseline for our implementation.

  • Our Tools

    We analyze our toolset (software and technologies) for the solutions that will best deliver the ideas we've brainstormed with the tools you already have and the goals you've set.

  • Options

    We prepare several scenarios for each proposal, so you have options and know what each of those options will cost and how much marketing each option can deliver.

  • The Presentation

    We deliver your proposal in a digital format - like a little digital brochure - which you can study on your computer or mobile device, or download and print out as a PDF. You'll find our proposals are extremely easy to navigate and study, which is good, because we provide a lot of detail!

  • Let's Discuss!

    Once you've had a chance to digest all the detail we've provided, we have a meeting to discuss. We answer all your questions, and we revise and add detail or other elements as appropriate.

  • Month to Month

    All our contracts are month-to-month. We want to earn your business every day, and even though we have to work very hard at the beginning to get the engine going, we think working month-to-month is the most aligned with our principles.

Are You Ready

to do Exceptional Marketing?

Then let's talk! Call us now at 312.239.8820, or book a 20-minute appointment to tell us about what you need.