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How We Work

Choosing a marketing partner is a big deal. The working relationship is close and the stakes are high. Here's some information about how we work, so you can have a better idea of what this partnership will be like.

Annual Planning

Yes, part of your WerxMarketing support is to help you create a strategic annual marketing plan.  We don't just create marketing "elements" . . . we're marketing experts. We start with your strategy and goals, and  help you build out a marketing plan to achieve them.

Meet Andrea Hill - Chief Customer Strategist

Quarterly Planning

A plan is only as good as its execution, and an annual plan is a little too 10,000 feet for our comfort. So we also review the annual plan with you quarterly, so we can refine and improve as we go.

Meet Kristin Kopaz - Account Manager

Reasons & Benefits

Much of what counts for marketing today is simply an expression of individual taste. But that's lazy! We promise to always provide you with the reasons for our recommendations, and those reasons will be based on sound marketing theory, testing, practical application and case studies, analysis, and other substantive explanations. Marketing isn't art . . . it's a discipline. We promise to treat it as such.

Meet Jason Robinson - Integration Specialist

Collaborative Design

We include you in the process when we do design. We use tools that facilitate commenting right on graphics, adding in-line comments and suggestions to video and animation, and making (and drawing!) suggestions right on web pages. It's your website, so while it's our responsibility to bring you effective design, it's also our responsibility to make sure the design we create for you reflects your values, your brand, and your desires.

Meet Annika Conte - Head Developer

Collaborative Teams

We can provide all your marketing support, or some of it. We happily collaborate with other agencies and with your internal marketing team. Our goal is to make your marketing better, and we're firm believers in the power of collaboration to make things better! 

Meet Corey Gentles - Graphic Designer


We have several communication methods to make working with us easy. You can use all or any of them. Some customers work right inside our CRM, tracking tasks and participating in team discussions. Some customers prefer easy online work request forms. Some customers want a private virtual meeting room, so they can pop in for quick discussions. 

Meet Tiffany Jackson - Project Coordinator

Reporting & Review

Analyzing data and using it to refine efforts is an important part of marketing. We produce monthly and quarterly marketing reports and review your data with you at our monthly meetings.

Meet Melanie Mondragon - Program Manager


This really shouldn't be last . . . because it's important to us. Working together should be fun. Pursuing and achieving business goals is fun, being creative together is fun, and being successful certainly is fun! We think fun is so important, that it's one of our business principles

Meet the MentorWerx Owl - One of Our Brand Owls

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