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Marketing Strategy

All good marketing starts with a good plan. A good plan begins by answering questions about who your target customer is, what he or she most needs from you, and how you can best communicate that you are the best company to meet those needs. WerxMarketing will help you answer those questions and build a marketing strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

Once you have a clear understanding of your marketing strategy it’s time to move on to messaging. Messaging is more than just taglines and product copy – it’s about the voice your company will use, what types of words best express both your product benefits and your brand, and which messages will work best in which environments.

WerxMarketing also works with you to ensure your marketing plans are tied closely to your sales strategy and plans, because marketing is supposed to be in support of sales efforts. We won’t just create pretty pictures and words for you, we’ll do the work of understanding your business goals and objectives and help you create a marketing strategy that directly serves those goals.

Small business marketing is often confined to the narrow area of promotion, which is why so many marketing dollars are ineffective. To do a good job of advertising, promotion, and PR, you must have a firm marketing foundation in place.

WerxMarketing will help you develop that foundation. We’ll review your current marketing and brand strategy before we propose any particular promotional effort. If you need help defining your brand and marketing strategy, we’re happy to do that! We have top-notch branding and marketing talent who can help you create the professional and effective marketing plans your business requires. (If you need help developing your overall business strategy, our sister company StrategyWerx is the place to go!)

Once your marketing path is clear, WerxMarketing can provide you with every element of your marketing needs, from copy writing to video production, from website design to social media campaigns. One thing you will discover with WerxMarketing is that we are always intentional. Every recommendation we make, every promotion we design, will always be directed by the intention of your business and marketing strategy. That's just one more way WerxMarketing makes your marketing dollars make more sense.