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Inbound Marketing

Our specialty is Inbound Marketing based on strong organic SEO principles. We create content that builds link value over time, and brings qualified, interested customers to your website. Break the chains of paid advertising (or at least, supplement them). Let us help you build a sustainable marketing strategy based on rich content and meaningful prospecting.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of chasing after customers with ads, we create a honeypot of content that appeals to their interests and needs, and draw prospects to your website through rich content (writing, video, animation, graphics), social media marketing, organic search engine optimization, and branding activity.

Studies show that customers trust brands they find themselves through research more than brands they are attracted to with advertising. This initial trust goes a long way toward building stronger customer loyalty.

How Does it Work?

We start by developing a thorough understanding of who your target customer is. Everything marketing element we create must revolve around the customer, their needs, their doubts, and their timing. We also want to understand your customer lifecycle: what brings them to you initially, how often do they typically purchase, and how long do they stay customers? If they fall away, what causes that, and what can we do about it?

Once we establish who your customer is and their ideal lifecycle, we start creating content to attract them to your brand. We combine website content with smart outreach like email, SMS, and social messaging. We put interactive elements on your website (if you have a website that will accommodate them) to encourage in-real-time communication via chat, SMS, and video. We integrate all this with your CRM (if you have one - or we can help you implement one) to ensure that once you find a customer, you have all the tools and information you need to keep that customer.

And we monitor and assess constantly, to refine our efforts and keep up with evolving customer expectations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At the heart of all of this is excellent on-page SEO, which you've probably heard of as organic SEO. We use every tool in the on-page SEO toolkit to ensure that your content shows up in searches, that it's optimally formatted for search, and that it's interesting enough to grab each searcher's attention.

This SEO activity is ongoing: Every element we create for you — visuals, motion graphics, video, articles, memes, slide decks, and everything else we think of — will be optimized for SEO results. Over time, as your content grows, your online presence will grow with it, targeting the right customers for your business.


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