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Sales & Marketing All Over the Place?

Goodbye Wasted Efforts.
Hello In-Control.

Goodbye Scattershot.
Hello Target.

Sales & marketing organizations that are successful today are successful because they have clear intent, are aligned across marketing, sales, and customer service, and have the tools to put their customers at the center of everything they do. Every single marketing element has a clear purpose.

WerxMarketing is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner

Goodbye Chronic Anxiety.
Hello We've Got This.

When you're spending more time managing your software than selling, when you can't tell what's working and what's not, when every question you ask has a complicated answer, when you're worried about hitting your growth goals, you need HubSpot. With HubSpot you can target the right accounts, see which marketing activities are working (and which aren't), click-and-view data dashboards, and a simple, integrated place for all your sales and marketing to take place and produce results.

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Goodbye Chaos.
Hello Clarity.

  • Prospect

    Make sure every prospect receives a message that sounds like it was written just for them and their needs.

  • Nurture

    Explain in clear, simple terms why what you have to offer is useful to them.

  • Close

    Build trust and enthusiasm by demonstrating how well you understand their needs.

From stranger to customer, all in one system.

Goodbye Spam.

Hello Relevance.

The average consumer is bombarded by promotional messaging and sees anywhere between 5000-1000 advertisements per day.

When your consumer doesn’t feel like your messaging has direct relevance to their life at that moment, they tune out. This is why CRM is vital to modern marketing. If you don’t understand your customer, you can’t give them the content they need when they need it in a way that works for them.

Using HubSpot's CRM you can group and target specific groups of customers by wants, needs and readiness to buy.

Goodbye Crossed Stars.

Hello Right Time, Right Place.

Every buyer for every product must pass through the three key buying stages of Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

But depending on your product or service, those stages can vary. A thirsty person on a hot day will travel from Awareness to Decision about buying a cold drink faster than a Project Manager looking at new forecasting software for a global Saas business. One is made in minutes, the other could be months. Trying to close a customer too early or too late can cost you a sale.

HubSpot Smart content allows you to create different content based on a different sets of rules related to your customer journeys. Your emails, landing pages and CTAs can display differently depending on what is known about a prospect or contact. 

Goodbye Obvious. Hello On-Point.

Way Beyond "Dear John ..."

Effective personalisation doesn’t just mean greeting somebody through email by name. That may have been disruptive fifteen years ago, but the modern consumer is both tech and data-savvy.

Modern personalisation means sending relevant messaging in a timely fashion using the right language, tone and subject matter. 

HubSpot comes ready-packed with a host of data points you can collect on each prospect. Ranging from name and address right through to how many emails they’ve opened, HubSpot can help you build a better understanding of both groups and individuals. 

Don't Just Do Marketing. Do Business.

WerxMarketing makes it easy for your customers to do business with you. If you are new to CRM, sales or marketing automation, we will have you up and running with complete setup and training. If you already have HubSpot but haven't managed to maximize the value, we can help you achieve your goals. And if you're on a CRM that just isn't delivering the ROI or performing the way you hoped it would, we can migrate you to a HubSpot solution that will deliver.

HubSpot Hubs

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  • HubSpot CRM

Setup & Integrations

  • Business Needs Analysis

  • CRM Migrations

  • Training

  • API & Webhooks

  • ERP, POS & Data Warehouse Expertise

  • Headless Commerce


  • List Hygiene & Strategy

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  • Content Creation

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  • Process Mapping

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  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Automate Business Processes

  • Service Automation

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